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First translated and pirated illegally with free downloads, the RPG Maker series has gathered a huge interest among amateurs wanting a quick solution to making videogames.
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RPG Maker started with RPG Maker 95, which introduced a simple map editor and simple event controls that would allow anyone to start making a role playing game in an instant. The program offered an easy to use interface that made creating simple games easy, which could be made up for with it's ability to create an expansive story. Every version has made changes or added things to this interface, either adding new features, changing the battle system, or more.
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Easy To Use Interface
RPG Maker has always featured a simple to use interface, especially when compared to any other game development program available. Although the standard maps would be considered simple compared to today's full CGI games, many variations are possible. Game designers can, for example, create a full CGI background for their game, and then simply tell the game which squares the player can and can not stand on.

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