Glossary Of Terms

Fantasy and video game programming and design index of terms to know.

Character - Someone in your game, whether it be human or talking animal. See also Main Character(s) and NPCs.
Dynamic Character - A character with a full background and somewhat of a storyline. This type of character generally changes, evolves, learns, or grows in some way by the end of the adventure.
Epiphany - A sudden realization, often brought about as a result of a memorable or traumatic event.
Hero - The hero is typically the character who saves the day in the end, and is often used interchangeably with Main Character.
Main Character - The plot line focuses around the main character, who could be any sort of person (or thing). Unique ideas might have your main character be a cat or other animal, or even something more bizarre.
NPC - This is any character that the game player does not directly control.
Static Character - A character who's emotions and nature don't change or mature throughout the game. These characters are usually not the focus of the game.
Villain - The bad guy, or antithesis for your game. The antagonist.

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