Publishing Your Videogame

Getting publicity for your videogame is very important. Without good publicity, who's going to buy your game... and which stores are going to put it on their shelves?

The Steps, Easiest First

Build A Website

First, start by ensuring that you build a website, and that you get it listed in directories. For example, an Anime themed video game would need to get listed in an anime directory. Get people to your website!

Free Copies To Important Others

Don't forget to give free copies of your videogames to the people that review video games. Give away copies to the under appreciated, yet influential people in the blogosphere. Type "video game blog" into Google and then find out how to get free copies of your games to these people - they can really make a great difference.

Public Relations

Having effective public relations is key for any startup business, and selling your video game is a business.

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