Give Away Free Video Games

Don't forget to give free copies of your video games to the people that review video games. It's tough to get games on the shelves of Wal-Mart and Target, so you can't sell your game simply with the impressive artwork on the front cover. You'll have to get people to want your game, and drive them to your website (a lot of small publishers just sell online, through places like a website or eBay and Amazon).

Give away copies to the under appreciated, yet influential people in the blog-o-sphere. Type "video game blog" or something like "rpg blog" or "action shooter blog" into Google and then find out how to get free copies of your games to these people - they can really make a great difference. These bloggers would probably love a free game, considering blogging pay is so low (usually nothing), and so this would be a great way to build up public relations.

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