RPG Maker 95


The RPG Maker series has been one of the easiest to use RPG development platforms for the PC, but had never really gained much recognition in America. This is largely the result of ASCII/Enterbrain ignoring U.S. releases, and allowing only pirated versions of the software to reach outside of Japan.

RPGMaker 95 was the first of this unique series, later followed by RPG Maker 2000. It was first translated (fully) by a Russian translator known as Don Miguel, who released the entire game's translation on his website (followed by RPG Maker 2000). Before Don Miguel the program was being translated by a group called KanjiHack, who never completed their translation. This release brought RPG Maker into it's current popular form, as it was the first opportunity for those outside of Japan to have such a simple game making interface. Although many features were lacking that are now present in the current versions, such as a real scripting language, RM95 brought RPG making into the spotlight in some parts of the gaming community.

Features of the original RPG Maker series included a simple to use drag-and-drop interface for designing RPG Makers, music, dialogues, and a variety of things you might expect from a SNES quality overhead-map RPG. With extra effort, it is possible to go beyond the standard overhead-map style and the typical battle system, but this is much easier in later versions of the software which include a scripting language.

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