RPG Maker 2003


The RPG Maker series has been one of the easiest to use RPG development platforms for the PC, but had never really gained much recognition in America. This is largely the result of ASCII/Enterbrain ignoring U.S. releases, and allowing only pirated versions of the software to reach outside of Japan.

RPG Maker 2003 was the third role playing game creator in this series. As of 2003, game development and publishing only included the name Enterbrain, not ASCII. RPG Maker 2003, however, provided only one substantial change over the RPG Maker 2000 version, which made battles feature a third person view. Most substantial advancements were in RPG Maker XP.

Changes From RPG Maker 2000

The interface in the program allows easy map creation. This map shows a small cliff next to the water, with a few trees and plants.

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