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Video game design has a number of elements, especially beyond what could ever possibly be presented on this website. Some components of videogame design include story development, artwork creation, hiring other designers, character development, gameplay design, accounting work, platform choice, the actual programming, and lastly publishing your work.

A game design school would prepare you for all these various elements, as they hire professionals who are experienced in making games. Sometimes, though, these schools place a higher emphasis on making a profit for themselves, and they don't actually offer the insider insights you should expect from a school specializing in game development. It is especially important to consider this if you have a particular field you are interested in. Someone who wants to make art for videogames might have a better chance in the industry if they are taken in by a prestigious art school, and then take courses that could be important for game design, such as concept art, figure drawing, etc.

Unfortunately, not a lot of work has been done to provide insight into some video game development universities, which makes any sort of comparison difficult. There are, however, a number of tips to keep in mind that will make a search easy.

1. They are skilled in advertising, so don't trust the first school that pops onto your television screen while watching Cartoon Network. If the school or university spends enough money to advertise that heavily, then either admission prices are ridiculously high or they do not pay for worthy, knowledgeable instructors.

2. Shady businesses are new, which could be a good indication of finding a shady game design school. A school that has only existed for ten to twenty years or less might not be a reliable school. It is important, however, to remember that video game design is a relatively new field and some top quality schools could be recently established.

3. Wikipedia is usually a good source for information about any game design teaching groups. You could find out whether or not the place you are looking into is well respected or has problems by looking at their wikipedia article. Articles that have existed for a while, with many edits, are usually a good sign that they are accurate (read some of the previous revisions, though). If the school lacks an article, be wary of it.
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